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Wewoka, Seminole Co., OK

Births, Deaths, & Marriages

June 1904 - April 1915




MISS ELLA MONAHEE married Hewman H. Jacobs, May 30, 1904, in Emahaka, I. T.  in the home of Mr. Frank Jacobs, Sunday evening, by Rev. W. P. Blake

MISS ALMA BUNYARD married Earnest Bridges, Sunday evening by Judge Tate.

LIEUTENANT ROBERT B. MITCHELL died June 16, 1904 at a government hospital in Washington, D.C. Injured last fall playing football, died after an operation. Born November 11, 1875 in Cleveland, OH Survived by parents, Robert R. & Louise Mitchell of Wewoka, five brothers, and two sisters.

MR. & MRS. J. N. MCNABB had a baby girl July 14, 1904

ALICE MAYBERRY of Yeager, I. T. married S. H. Jones also of Yeager. Married Sunday morning by Rev. Hawkins.

JOHN HARDIN died last Sunday night, August 4, 1904 and buried Monday afternoon. He was about 32 years old.

EDNA HIGHTOWER died Monday, August 22, 1904 of typhoid fever.
Services were held Tuesday in the Baptist Church. Survived by her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Hightower.

MR. & MRS. ALEX MCNABB had a daughter Friday August 27.

F. T. WAKEFIELD died Saturday, September 3, 1904, of typhoid fever, at age 35 years.
Buried in Tower Hill, Illinois. Survived by his wife and a daughter, born the same afternoon he died. 

PEARL CABBELL A boy, died November 10, 1904 of congestive chill at age fourteen. Survived by father E. B. Cabbell



Wellman Jenning

Hulputta Micco

Mrs. W. E. Dixon

John William Smith

Grandma Sippie Davis

Mrs. Julia Johnson

B.F. Spalding

Mrs. H.J. Root



Billy Cully

Mrs. Mollie Guins

Callie Cree Dearinger

Mrs. Fannie A. Myers

Baby Girl Blanton

James Samuel Montgomery

Miss Etta Brown

Mr. Joe Douglas

Mr. Billups

Baby Girl Rosenthal

Luverna Benson

Mr. Reno



Infant Meandor

Avery Hedrick

Arthur P. MCKellop

K. N. Baker aka Joe Kinkehe

Flora Brown

Paul Milton

Judge Horace Bradley

Eural Welels

Ollie Grisso



Infant Smith

Lula E. Jackson




Roy Nicholson

James L. Dixon

J. A. Fife

Sam Haney

Mollie Colclasure

Margaret Wood

Infant Cunningham

Leslie C. Johnston

Infant Howell

Edward Everett Hale

L.C. Johnston

Mrs. Pegg

Infant Backlew

Infant Whitfield

L. D. Meador

T. R. King

W. J. Smith

Mabel Henry 

Mrs. R.R. Mitchell

Alice Thompson

Louisa L. Mitchell

Child Bailes

Della Harjo

David H. Gray

Child Baker

Mrs. Truelove


All vitals extracted from The Seminole Capital Newspaper June 1904 to April 1915


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